Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Celebration of Spring...

No time now to share much in the way of words, but if a photo's worth 1000 words, then this is a LONG post!
These are some shots from 1 of 2 photo shoots I did today (this one was just for fun-- spring was calling to me)!!

Hope you enjoy and get to "feel a touch of spring" when you look at them.

*Happy Spring!*

Friday, April 2, 2010

I want to introduce you to "Change is Cheap"

Last night I learned of a local gal here in Sacramento who is doing something really fantastic. Imagine "just one of us" ...a neighbor, friend, co-worker ...someone who goes to school part-time and works full-time ...a responsible employee just trying to pursue the American Dream of working hard to bring yourself a better life. Somewhere along the way, she, like so many of us, hit a point of wondering, "Then what?" There has to be something else to this thing called work and daily life that makes it, you know, rewarding... gives some sense of PURPOSE. She's always wanted to help people, getting a degree to hopefully make some positive difference in our world.

But what about right now? Enter her Newly Launched blog, "Change is Cheap." Essentially, it is a blog where readers can donate one dollar and at the end of each month, she will take all that is given (and, knowing her, whatever she can add to it to make it go further!) and find some struggling soul (or souls) to give a little encouragement and help to. Maybe it's sleeping bags to the homeless in our local "tent city" or food to hungry... just some act of kindness that helps renew a belief in hope for those who need it most. Then she'll report back with the results of what we all accomplished through her.

Basically, for the cost of $1, we all get to ride along on her philanthropic adventure (with the added emotional boost of knowing we helped make it possible).

Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me... thought you might like it too... :)