Saturday, February 28, 2009

What if we still sang and danced?

Singing and dancing are not learned behaviors. They are innately encoded into our very being. We knew song and dance long before fire and the wheel... They are a basic part of us, and a powerful one. Watch any average toddler or small child for a while... just singing and dancing, for no particular reason. Now watch any average adult in our modern society... rarely singing or dancing, unless at an event specifically for singing/dancing, and only those who aren't embarrassed. How dull.

We don't learn to sing and dance... we UNLEARN singing and dancing. And it's sad. Singing and dancing are a natural expression and outpouring of internal joy-- not over some big event, but just everyday joy. Discouraging the expression of it discourages the very feeling. Ever wonder why so many people are disillusioned with life, despite all they may have acquired or accomplished? Perhaps this is one part of the puzzle.

As we grow and are taught how to exist in society, we learn to be embarrassed about singing or dancing unless we happen to be "good" at said activity (or we're alone). You're only encouraged to do so if you've acquired the proper training, techniques, tonalities, rhythm, etc... Children (and, mind you, many societies) sing and dance freely and often, just because it feels good, without any thought of "what people may think." We have "evolved" to a place and time where singing and dancing in public are largely discouraged.

But what if they weren't?

*Imagine* what a joyful place this world would be if we never learned to stop happily singing and dancing... better yet, you don't have to imagine, you can click here and SEE (just a couple minutes of your life, & well spent-- something about it just feels good).

...and if you have a strong enough sense of self-actualization to overcome years of conditoning, don't just watch-- DANCE!! Or SING!! Or both and FEEL it for yourself... Remember how to dance and sing as a child... and then, do it. If you're a parent, encourage that happy little out-of-tune voice and those spastic dance moves!

And YES, you will likely face challenges & awkward moments like these, but those only stop you if you let them.

"With courage and persistence, your Imagination can become your Reality."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favorite Etsy Shop of the Day

Hello my friends!

Jhon's parents are here visiting this week (taking a break from cold PA) so I'm not "keeping up" with comments (big THANK YOU's for them though) and I missed More Pics Monday, but I'll do "make-up" work days next week to catch up with you all. :)

I did however, just find out that I am featured as this wonderful artist's Favorite Etsy Shop of the Day on her blog I figured I owed at least an "acknowledgement post" as a Thank you. :) Please check out her wonderful blog. Make sure to scroll down far enough to read about "Kurt and Colby, Man and Man's Best Friend"-- a *wonderful* story (and great cause)! Hope you're all having a beautiful week!

hugs and warm wishes!

P.S. I don't seem to have it in me to do a post without including a photo-- just doesn't seem complete somehow-- so here is a photo I took on a cold night on the deck of Sacramento's "Delta King" Riverboat, looking back at the historic "Tower Bridge."

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm the "chatter" in Studio Chats on Urban Junkies Artist Lounge!

"More Pics Monday" has "stepped aside" this week for an exciting event...
As some of you know, the Lovely Lady behind the entertaining Urban Junkies Artist Lounge has been doing these wonderful Studio Chats allowing us all to get to know the artist behind the work. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the chats with other talented artists like Melissa Frazell of "Fervent Butterfly Photography," Julie Magers Soulen, and Alyssia of "A Squirrel's Tale."

And now, I'm feeling quite privileged to join their ranks. Yes, yours truly (the chatty one), has been chosen to do the chatting for the latest Studio Chat. So if you would please, kindly help me in my mission-of-gratitude by paying This Wonderful Blog a visit and leaving her a friendly comment.

Tell her how much you like this amazing photo (one of my faves), or any number or her other great works. You can peruse Urban Junkies Photography store here.

Sending Warm Smiles,
Kenna :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"My Pocketful of Sunshine" tagged me!!!

Can you believe the nerve of this sunny lady? ;) Just teasin'

Ok, so you all know the rules... Tell 7 (things you don't know about me), Tag 7 (other lucky, unknowing participants).

1) I am currently wearing a ridiculous pair of shockingly-electric pink, velourish pants that I picked up for a "Retro-Ball" last summer (they were the most awful, "not me" things I could find and I've grown to love them). THAT's a confession!

2) I am a certified SCUBA diver, a Whitewater River Guide, and an aspiring (if you could call it that) surfer, but no where near the marathon swimmer you'd expect after hearing all that! Yes, I swim... but marathons? Unless they allowed the back-float, I'd drown.

3) For the past 4 years, I literally lived in a tent by the river, during the summers while working as a guide. Talk about a small carbon-footprint!

4) I got me a edumacationthingy. Though "river guide" often conjures up images of uneducated, crazy (ok, we are a bit crazy), drunken, derelicts-- look twice, that stereotype is oft broken! I've worked with guides that are software and environmental engineers, highly trained, inspirational leaders in various disciplines and, as for me... I got a degree from Pepperdine University (which I had to have an academic scholarship to be able to afford). Luckily, I'm a bit smarter than I look. ;)

5) Even though they say it's bad for you because of the raw eggs (salmonhuh?), I still LOVE cookie dough! Homemade is best!

6) Palau has been on my Go-To list for a LONG time, but hasn't come to fruition yet. I'm not even sure why I feel so drawn to Palau particularly (not that it doesn't have plenty of beauty and wonder), but none the less, I WILL go one of these days!

7) Despite having somewhat of a fear of heights (big ones), I have jumped off the World's Highest Swing-- The Canyon Swing in Queenstown, New Zealand. I thought my heart would beat it's way right out of my head!

And now... TAG! You're IT!
Honeytree Photography
Quwwa Art
Julie Magers Soulen
From My Eye
Green Island Studios
Rare Image Photography

Please peruse their blogs to learn 7 things that you may not know about them!

Monday, February 9, 2009

And the winnerS are... (yes, there are TWO)

...and if you're wondering WHY there are now 2 winners instead of one (as there was originally set to be), blame it on my Sister's indecisiveness. ;) See previous post today for details on how it evolved and which were the winning photos.

But on to the drawing! First there was the making of "name tags" and selecting "THE HAT."

Jhon drew names to keep it fair... and he was very fair! He stirred them around and then held the hat away from his body, so he couldn't see in it while drawing names.

But... get to it already Kenna, who won??

He even shOoK uP the hat before drawing the second name! :)

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the wonderful folks who participated-- I think you made this as much fun for me as I tried to make it for you (hope I succeeded). :) Your votes/entries also helped me make decisions (I'm almost as good at it as my sister), so the more popular ones will be listed on Etsy soon. :)

Congratulations to our winners-- Robin Road wins photo #4 and Michelle Campbell-Zurek-Urban Junkies Photography wins photo #8. Please either Email me or Etsy convo me with the address where you would like them sent. :)

And to answer the speculations of where these were: 1) Australia- Gold Coast area; 2) Queenstown, New Zealand; 3,4, and 5) Havasu Falls, Havasupai Reservation, AZ; 6)Arches National Park, UT; 7) "The Hike In" --to Havasu Falls; 8) Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (yes, near Big Sur, CA); 9 & 10) Yosemite National Park, CA.

Did you pick #4 or #8? :)

Ok, I have a little surprise news for you folks-- the rules changed a bit, via my sister! She couldn't decide on ONE photo (indecisiveness runs in the family, I think, not sure, maybe) ;) so there will actually be TWO winners. She chose #4 & #8 -- because of the beautiful color of the water, though she said some other time she might choose differently- go figure!
So I am putting the names of everyone who chose 4, 8, or both into a big, fuzzy hat. If you chose both 4 and 8, your name will go in twice! I'm going to ask Jhon, my beloved man, to draw the names (gotta make sure I don't cheat or anything!). If he happens to choose the same name twice, sorry, I've decided you don't get to win twice-- gotta give someone else a chance. ;) Will do the drawing and post winners very soon! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Win Your Favorite "More Pics Monday" Photo!

So... it's about time I held a contest, don't you think? I mean, come-on, Kenna, we want to win stuff! ;) Ok, how about an 8x10 (or 8x12 depending on which photo) of one of this week's "More Pics Monday" photos?

In honor of my beloved little sister coming to visit this week, I've decided to make her part of the happenings. Here's the deal... You get 2 chances to win. Pick your favorite 2 pictures from this week's "More Pics Monday" photos & leave a comment indicating which they are (and why would be Lovely)! Using a number system will be easiest, I think, starting with #1 at top left. The names of those who have chosen the same favorite photo as my Sister will be put into a big fuzzy winter hat! The winner will be plucked out and announced next Monday (Feb 9)!

Good Luck!! :)