Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visit Me at the Sacramento Music Awards!

OooooOOoops! Here I am supposed to be keeping my blog up to date on where I'll be and, I almost forgot to post Tonight's Big Event~~

A great bit of good luck kicked in-- I am fortunate to have a booth at the SAMMIES (2009 Sacramento Music Awards), so if you're in the area come by for a visit! The event is free and promises LOTS of entertainment (14 bands on 2 stages, art & fashion vendors, beer & wine garden, etc... )! The fest goes from 3-9pm at Cesar Chavez Park!

All the official info here-->

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Quickie and more Exciting News!

**Before I begin, in case an extra special reader comes for a blog visit...

Now that I have gotten that important bit covered, on to the post...
Re: the title--Get your mind outta the gutter--I meant a quick post!
And, once more, this is me... still swearing that, very soon I *AM* going to come visit blogs where a comment from me is now long-overdue! I promise, I really am thinking of you... individually... by name and sending positive, happy thoughts! And I *AM* going to visit lovely new followers too! Just as soon as I'm home and able to be online for more than a day (or part of a day, as the case may be).

And why IS summer soooo chaotic anyway? Do you notice this too or is it just me? Does summer fly by while you were busy doing something time-consuming like... ya know... blinking?? Once?! I've barely gotten to taste the sweet air of summer and already I can see fall approaching on my calendar as I book events! Crazy. So, anyway, I'm off-and-gone yet again (poor Jhon, I've been gone so much lately)... this time I'm headed up to the river to wear my "Whitewater Raft Guide" hat for a 2-Day trip. It's funny, I'll be working but I think it is very much going to feel like a vacation! I'll be "off the technology map" and will fall asleep in my tent listening to the river... after long days of hard physical work. Can't wait!

The exciting news? I'm the monthy Featured Artist on the website for Downtown Stockton Alliance! You can read the feature here (scroll down just a bit on the page when you get there):

A HUGE Thank You to the Downtown Stockton Alliance folks for being SO wonderful, helpful, and for so warmly embracing this lil' Sacramentan!

A couple "photo-teasers" of posts to come... (bet you can guess where these are).

Ok, off to tie up some loose ends & pack! Sending warm thoughts, a smile, & heartfelt wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tahoe Tuesdays & A COVER Shot!

Just an ever-so-brief little update post for y'all (that's the year I spent in Texas coming out there- haha). I *WILL* come visit new followers and catch up on returning comments, etc... once this crazy "run" of events finishes and my sister's time visiting me is over! She's been keeping my crazy schedule with me and a huge help too! We've been working hard, and having a blast doing it!

The Art Fiesta weekend went very well! Some of the other artists actually said this was a slow year, so I can't wait to see a good one! At any rate, I finished the weekend feeling exhausted... and very fortunate & grateful for the way the *whole thing* turned out. I met so many wonderful new folks too.

And now, it's 11:30pm, I've just finished re-stocking & getting my work ready for the first of what I'm going to call my "Tahoe Tuesdays." I'll be on the road to Tahoe by 4:30am, should hit the summit right about sunrise-- can't wait to see that alone! I'll be selling my work tomorrow (& every Tuesday) at the American Legion in South Lake Tahoe (on hwy 50, across from Meeks) from 8am-1pm. Swing by if you're in the area!

Last, but definitely not least, one more bit of good news... I was contacted on Etsy today by a regional CA nonprofit organization requesting permission to use my "American River Fall" photo for the cover of their quarterly publication! It will take a bit of cropping and reworking, but I think I can provide them a usable cover shot, so I'm excited about that too! Wish me luck... many exciting opportunities & "irons in the fire" to juggle right now.

As ever, sending many warm thoughts and wishes for days filled with beauty and laughter!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where am I?? 51st Annual Town & Country Art Fiesta!

Hello beautiful blog-friends! I hope you're having a *lovely* weekend! I got so busy getting ready for this big, juried show (one of the oldest art shows this side of the Mississippi!) and catching up with my sister that I 1/2 forgot to let you in on the fun! For those around Sacramento area, I can tell you from today-- this is an amazing show full of LOTS of beautiful arts & crafts I'd love to give a home! It has been just a great event for me so far-- I would love to have you come visit as well!

The Event: 51st Annual Town & Country Art Fiesta-- 150+ artisans of various genres!
Days/Time: Saturday, Sunday (June 6,7) 10 am 5pm.
Location: Town & Country Village @ Fulton & Marconi- Sacramento

And, of course, some recent photos to send you off... My lucky star was shining bright on Wednesday night-- just as the photography workshop I was teaching wrapped up, this gorgeous (and very rare for our area) lightning storm erupted!

Hope your weekend is filled with beauty and laughter.