Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blood, Sweat, Tears, n' Cheers

Wow! It's been a while, hmm? And yes, I HAVE been in a cave... the cave that is my studio, that is, and I'm finally crawling out! :) Not an all-together unpleasant cave, mind you... as you know from a post last winter, I'm actually thrilled about my studio and very grateful to have such a lovely space. But... I have spent *SO* much time, heart, & energy here lately. And yes, I have literally bled, cried, sweated, cheered, laughed, gone dizzy with exhaustion (and probably some other things I'm forgetting) in the last few months as I poured all my spare everything into this exhibition.

Among other things, I've *really* missed time in the great outdoors, you know me. I realize it time and time again, and yet sometimes it hits as if it were a new epiphany-- I *REALLY* need to be outdoors A LOT to be at my best emotionally and mentally. So... partly because of this (and also the relief and pride of just plain finishing such an undertaking), it is with great pleasure that I announce:

I have finally completed and delivered the works for my June Gallery Show!!!
(these are photos I quickly took of a few works before taking them to the gallery)

21 LARGE framed photos and canvas gallery wraps
and when I say "large," I mean 27"x40" and 24" x 36" with one
canvas gallery wrap that's 50" across.

This exhibition is my answer to all those who have requested my works "bigger." :)

So, for those close enough to have the opportunity to see the fruits of my labor in person, the exhibition details are as follows:

Title: "Elemental" (a triple entendre, as I reference Elemental in the mythology/folklore context, the four elements & their interactions in the works of this show, and also referring to the scientific usage of elemental and how we & everything around us are, on the most basic level, ONE and the same). That's the abridged version of my artist statement. ;)

Exhibition dates: June 2-26, 2010.
Where: MAIYA Gallery, 2220 J St., Midtown Sacramento (22nd & J, near See's Candies).
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 3rd. 5:30-7:30pm (2 very special surprises planned)!
Second Saturday Reception: June 12th, 6-9pm
Normal gallery hours: Wed-Sat, 11-5pm
Additional gallery info: