Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Greatest Book Never Read

Surely it would be great folly,
not to read the greatest book ever written.
And yet, here we are.

A book, perfectly preserved in mint condition
never once opened, its spine without a crease,
pages untouched... unmarred,
lies motionless on the auction block.

A priceless work,
the only copy of a manuscript
discovered after the now-famous author's death.
Oh! The jewels of wisdom that certainly lie within those pages!

SOLD! 1.3 million dollars to the man in the brown hat.
Priceless no longer, the words now having been given
specific... and arbitrary "value."

Oh! How he'll treasure his new prize--
the cover displayed proudly behind custom-made glass,
impenetrable to touch by all but the beady eyes
that yearn to be its owner.

Being its' "owner"
therein lies the test,
either a "gift" or a "curse,"
Owning something so...
simultaneously priceless and worthless!

Priceless in its pristine, original state,
"worthless" if opened, touched, stained, marred...
But words that are never read can offer
No wisdom, No insight, No inspiration, No
meaning or real value.

Thus leaving their "owner" with a great gift, and yet...
unsatisfied and unfulfilled, in possession of

So it is that priceless and worthless can
become one and the same.

Much is Lost when man's desire to own the perfect book
causes ignorance to the greater value held within
well-worn, marked, and bent pages.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Changing my Name... and Photos from the "Elemental" Opening Reception at MAIYA Gallery

Wow! So I just blinked again and summer's almost over! As usual, it has gone by in a bit of a whirlwind... and, as usual, left me with lots more that I wanted to have done than I actually got to do. I think I add more exciting things and places to my "to do" and "to go" lists faster than I cross the existing ones off!!

Anyway, didn't want to let all of summer slip away without getting a BIG THANK YOU post out to all those who attended my featured artist exhibition this summer at MAIYA Gallery. I entitled the show "Elemental" and dedicated it to my **Wonderful** grandmother, a big influence in my life. She went to art school in Chicago and New York in her youth and has given much to the art world throughout her life. She still has "that spunk" that gives her so many great stories and got her through the tough times in her life... at 88 years old, she flew out to be here for the opening reception (and was she ever SURPRISED to find the exhibition dedicated to her)!!! :D

The title of this post mentioned something about a name change...
As an ongoing tribute to my grandmother, I also changed my artist moniker-- from this show forward, I will sign all of my works "Kenna Elizabeth." The name Elizabeth has been passed down for many, MANY generations in my family. As the next Elizabeth to be named after her, I am honored to carry her name and to try to continue my grandmother's wonderful legacy. So it is in honor of her, that my works will bear the name, "Kenna Elizabeth" from now on. :)

For those of you too far away to attend, I thought you might like to see some photos of the exhibition and the opening reception... to kind of get a feel of this special event. :)

Lots more photos of the Exhibiton and the opening reception can be seen on my Facebook Fanpage! If you're on Facebook, it definitely wouldn't hurt my feelings if you "Like" my fanpage while you're browsing photos from the show. :)

click here for more "Elemental" Exhibition photos

and for those who hate trying to navigate around pages, :) this is the link to my Facebook fanpage:

If you're so inclined, just click the "Like" box near the top of the page.

As ever, thank you for reading... thank you for sharing...

sending a warm smile,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blood, Sweat, Tears, n' Cheers

Wow! It's been a while, hmm? And yes, I HAVE been in a cave... the cave that is my studio, that is, and I'm finally crawling out! :) Not an all-together unpleasant cave, mind you... as you know from a post last winter, I'm actually thrilled about my studio and very grateful to have such a lovely space. But... I have spent *SO* much time, heart, & energy here lately. And yes, I have literally bled, cried, sweated, cheered, laughed, gone dizzy with exhaustion (and probably some other things I'm forgetting) in the last few months as I poured all my spare everything into this exhibition.

Among other things, I've *really* missed time in the great outdoors, you know me. I realize it time and time again, and yet sometimes it hits as if it were a new epiphany-- I *REALLY* need to be outdoors A LOT to be at my best emotionally and mentally. So... partly because of this (and also the relief and pride of just plain finishing such an undertaking), it is with great pleasure that I announce:

I have finally completed and delivered the works for my June Gallery Show!!!
(these are photos I quickly took of a few works before taking them to the gallery)

21 LARGE framed photos and canvas gallery wraps
and when I say "large," I mean 27"x40" and 24" x 36" with one
canvas gallery wrap that's 50" across.

This exhibition is my answer to all those who have requested my works "bigger." :)

So, for those close enough to have the opportunity to see the fruits of my labor in person, the exhibition details are as follows:

Title: "Elemental" (a triple entendre, as I reference Elemental in the mythology/folklore context, the four elements & their interactions in the works of this show, and also referring to the scientific usage of elemental and how we & everything around us are, on the most basic level, ONE and the same). That's the abridged version of my artist statement. ;)

Exhibition dates: June 2-26, 2010.
Where: MAIYA Gallery, 2220 J St., Midtown Sacramento (22nd & J, near See's Candies).
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 3rd. 5:30-7:30pm (2 very special surprises planned)!
Second Saturday Reception: June 12th, 6-9pm
Normal gallery hours: Wed-Sat, 11-5pm
Additional gallery info:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Celebration of Spring...

No time now to share much in the way of words, but if a photo's worth 1000 words, then this is a LONG post!
These are some shots from 1 of 2 photo shoots I did today (this one was just for fun-- spring was calling to me)!!

Hope you enjoy and get to "feel a touch of spring" when you look at them.

*Happy Spring!*

Friday, April 2, 2010

I want to introduce you to "Change is Cheap"

Last night I learned of a local gal here in Sacramento who is doing something really fantastic. Imagine "just one of us" ...a neighbor, friend, co-worker ...someone who goes to school part-time and works full-time ...a responsible employee just trying to pursue the American Dream of working hard to bring yourself a better life. Somewhere along the way, she, like so many of us, hit a point of wondering, "Then what?" There has to be something else to this thing called work and daily life that makes it, you know, rewarding... gives some sense of PURPOSE. She's always wanted to help people, getting a degree to hopefully make some positive difference in our world.

But what about right now? Enter her Newly Launched blog, "Change is Cheap." Essentially, it is a blog where readers can donate one dollar and at the end of each month, she will take all that is given (and, knowing her, whatever she can add to it to make it go further!) and find some struggling soul (or souls) to give a little encouragement and help to. Maybe it's sleeping bags to the homeless in our local "tent city" or food to hungry... just some act of kindness that helps renew a belief in hope for those who need it most. Then she'll report back with the results of what we all accomplished through her.

Basically, for the cost of $1, we all get to ride along on her philanthropic adventure (with the added emotional boost of knowing we helped make it possible).

Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me... thought you might like it too... :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Help!-- Which picture should I use for interview?

Ok, here's the story-- I'm so very flattered to have been contacted & interviewed for a feature on But after finally finishing answering the interview questions (some of them made me really think-- not surprising), now I can't decide which photo to send with it! I asked my main advisor (my sister) and she couldn't decide-- said to flip a coin (she's serious too btw, she's all about letting fate decide when you can't). For some (perhaps arbitrary?) reason, I always feel like *I* want to have made the decision... whatever, call it a personal hang-up or something.

So... it hit me that I could "release control" a bit, but rather than to a coin, I'd let the decision be made by a method I trust more-- you guys!

The brief back-story: The interview focuses on my being a whitewater raft guide and a nature photographer, and the adventures I've had and want to experience in the future. As such, Travel is a big player in the interview too.

So... these photos cover all those aspects. I want one that is interesting to viewers of course (a good "hook" to make you actually want to read the interview). But I also got hung-up thinking about the power of imagery and how that photo will "be what I am in the viewer's mind" long after the words are forgotten (I blame a college course for this--haha). So, it leaves me not knowing which to use! Rafting ones undoubtedly look more exciting, but I'm pursuing my photography as more of a career, and rafting part-time these days. So... hmm... I don't know!

You guys know a fair bit about me by now (especially those who have been around since the beginning of this lil blog)! So... I'm doing a short "poll" (today only-- need to turn this interview in) to see which YOU think would be best. THANK YOU in advance! :D

P.S. If you did not read this post-- please don't vote. I know that sounds harsh, but I want the deciding factors (the focus of the interview, what I'm debating, etc...) to be considered by those helping me make my decision. Thank you. :)

...OR, if you really want to vote, at least tell me you didn't read the post so I know it's just a vote on overall impression. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A THANK YOU!!! And... announcing 1st season show!

WOW! I am soooooo grateful to you guys for that warm outpouring of support in response to my last post! I was feeling quite low and a bit vulnerable for a while in the period around that post (it's been a rougher-than-normal winter... not entirely sure of ALL the reasons but, regardless, it has).

So the warmth and support so many of you gave so generously really meant a lot and I thank you... heartily.

And now, I'm *very* happy to share that it appears spring is officially, really officially here!! Flowers in bloom, birds singing, WARM temps (and for more than one day)... it appears that the long gray period that was last winter is past! It is officially SPRING!!!


The vibrant life and energy, the new growth, the sweetly scented air, and warm sunshine are waking all my senses at once and overwhelming them in a most pleasant way. And, the way things seem to warm up around here, that means that next week it will be Summer and Hot! HaHa!

As for now, I'm trying to cherish what I may of the gift that these days are every little chance I get.

And... I'm in the middle of getting ready for my 1st show of the new season! I'm very grateful and excited to have been selected as one of the lucky participants of an IndieSacramento show that is part of the Women's History Month Events hosted by Maria Shriver and Governor Schwarzenegger. The show will be this Saturday at the California Museum (in Sacramento) from 10am- 3pm. As part of the event, FREE Admission to the California Museum is included! So this is a chance not only to get to see work of several of the talented artisans that IndieSacramento has come to be so well known for around the Capitol City, but also a chance to visit the California Museum for free! All in all, this should be a great event to add to a beautiful spring Saturday! I'll also have some new works that have not yet been seen so if you're in the region, swing by and say Hi. :)

I would also like to send a very sincere thank you to the lovely ladies at IndieSacramento for the spotlight/feature on the IndieSacramento Blog.

For now, I'm sending warm, sunny wishes your way as I get back to preparations for the show... as well as ALL the work of recovering files, re-installing programs, settings, links, everything after my computer hard drive died and had to be replaced yesterday! But that's a story for another post...