Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Believe in making New Years Resolutions?

As the year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on '09... accomplishments, disappointments, goals hit, goals not hit, surprises good & bad, the things I said I would do but haven't, all the things I never would have imagined, the times I shined (shone??) brightly, and those others when I felt my little light was fizzling out...

And I find myself, I think naturally, trying to improve for next year... thinking of my "plan of attack" for 2010. As I sit here typing, the ever-present (and ever-growing?) LIST stares at me coyly... a list of "good ideas," things to do, places to submit my work to, commitments, projects, etc... It seems I come up with more to add to it than I ever complete and cross off. Not sure if that's good or bad really, but sometimes it certainly feels discouraging. Anyway, there is that ever-popular idea of The New Year's RESOLUTION!

I can think of as many resolutions as there are "to do's" on my list! Ha!
I could resolve to:
~~enforce a more regimented "work hours" schedule on myself so I'm not up working at 3am (though sometimes I still contend that THAT'S when I'm finally on a roll).
~~Excercise regularly again (good for body and mind... and mood too).
~~Be more efficient in my work/computer time so I can spend more time outside :D
Play More! This kinda goes along with that efficiency thing above.
~~Spend more quality time with my beloved man!
~~Take a trip out of the country (It's been too long since I experienced another land and another culture's way of viewing life and our world).
~~Take more life-enriching classes I've wanted to (dance, pottery, a couple photography skills classes I could improve on, start up Tai-Chi again, any of several language classes I need to brush up on!!, -- perhaps including English grammer! hahahah!! :)
~~Go mountain biking & hiking more!
~~Visit a million gorgeous "Oh, YOU HAVE to go photograph _____" spots! :)

... to name a few. But really? Resolutions? Are they really any more effective than the intentions I already have? If I could possibly do all that stuff I want to, wouldn't I be doing all of it already? I think I need some more me's & some more lives. :)

So, tell me... do you do "the New Years Resolution" thing? Does it work for you? How many do you make? And if you care to share, what is/are yours?

Whatever the case, this is me sending out warmest wishes for a full and happy 2010 for YOU!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Live... from Peet's!

A Frosty Rose in our recent cold snap

So, in the latest of many acts demonstrating their incompetance, our mega-company-who-owns-all-the-lines-and-charges-the-smaller-companies-so-they-have-to-charge-more internet service provider has managed to ACCIDENTALLY SHUT OFF OUR SERVICE AND CANCEL OUR ACCOUNT.

So... I'm doing "other stuff" these last few days (including being bounced around their various service depts and kept on the phone for HOURS--literally hours)!

And... packing and shipping all my holiday orders! Thank you soooo much to those including me in their gift-giving this year! BIG THANK YOU. :D

Anyway, since I came down to a Peet's coffee shop to send in my images for the Female Photographers of Etsy Book, thought I'd make a quick little hello post! Hope this finds you warm and happy! :D