Monday, December 14, 2009

Live... from Peet's!

A Frosty Rose in our recent cold snap

So, in the latest of many acts demonstrating their incompetance, our mega-company-who-owns-all-the-lines-and-charges-the-smaller-companies-so-they-have-to-charge-more internet service provider has managed to ACCIDENTALLY SHUT OFF OUR SERVICE AND CANCEL OUR ACCOUNT.

So... I'm doing "other stuff" these last few days (including being bounced around their various service depts and kept on the phone for HOURS--literally hours)!

And... packing and shipping all my holiday orders! Thank you soooo much to those including me in their gift-giving this year! BIG THANK YOU. :D

Anyway, since I came down to a Peet's coffee shop to send in my images for the Female Photographers of Etsy Book, thought I'd make a quick little hello post! Hope this finds you warm and happy! :D


Celtic Cat said...

Hi Kenna,

Love your open and well light work space. Glad to hear that you had plenty of holiday sales.

Janelle said...

Yes, those Internet companies love to torture us. Fast, speedy, and expensive? Or slow torture while you wash dishes waiting for your page to open up. Hope you get it figured out soon!

Lyn said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you stole some time for yourself. Happy New Year Kenna. Looking forward to your 2010 posts.