Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks, little tears, and a BOGO sale from my New Studio

So... WOW! What a year! And it's not even over yet!

Perhaps I should explain a bit. Thanksgiving, for me, is:
~~cooking ALL day! Homemade bread, pies, etc... warm, wonderful food with no added stuff you can't pronounce! :D
~~time with FAMILY! We're scattered all over 500-3000 miles at any given time, so family time together is Rare and Precious for us! This holiday was no exception-- we had a lovely visit from my brother and his girlfriend, complete with laughs and stories (some you wish would finally rest)! haha
~~last but *Certainly Not* least, time for gratitude. I don't mean that half-assed, "I'm-grateful-for-the-1st-thing-that-comes-to-mind" routine either. I mean taking some time to examine yourself to really focus on all the wonderful things in your life and really "letting them in deep" and appreciating them... appreciate them to the point of getting a little teary-eyed if you can. You know... big gratitude!! Giving Thanks!

As I thought back on ALL that's happened this year, and all the wonderful people and opportunities in my life, yeah, I'll admit it... I DID get teary-eyed. So... what?! I'm a mush. We've already covered this I think. Anyway, so yeah, I'm very grateful for all the good that's come my way this year... and a little overwhelmed when I think of it all en masse.

And, one of the things I'm most grateful for is YOU! You who care enough to take time out of your lives to read about mine... you who spend your hard earned money on the work I pour my heart into... you who leave encouraging remarks on my blog (even when I get that "Internet Overwhelmed Syndrome" I've been known to come down with, and then go absent for a while)... YOU!!!!! Thank you. Thank you so much.

Because it's apparently the time of year that you're supposed to have a sale, I decided that, if I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna make it a BIG one! So... in my ETSY Store I'm holding a "BOGO" Sale (buy one photograph, get another photograph of your choice for FREE)... PLUS... Free Shipping on many of the listings in my shop. Plus... if you happen to be one of the fantastic souls who has already bought my work before, You also get a free fine art photo greeting card added in too! To take advantage of this though, you do have to order before midnight (Pacific Time) on Monday, Nov 30th.

I think nothing says "thank you" like GIVING, so... for your support, I'm giving back. How's that for gratitude? ;)

OH! And, many of you asked for photos once I got settled in... Well, I'm not exactly what I'd term "settled in" yet. Lots of boxes from "Garage past" still need sorted, given to thrift store, put away, etc... (new garage isn't quite weather proof-- small trade off for the fantastic home & extra room). And, as you can see, decorating of the new studio is... well... hasn't happened, but those things will take time that I'm not busy getting my submission images ready for the FPOE book... or the Viewpoint Gallery exhibit... or getting holiday orders ready to ship... or... blogging. :) So, for now, here's my new studio, complete with temporary matting/shipping table filled with supplies as I prepare to start matting my work for the upcoming exhibit. :) Maybe one of these days, I'll attach a photo of my old workspace... just so you, too, can truly appreciate the comparison. ;)

And, as I settle into the work before me, melding happily into my new studio... candles aglow and wonderful music dancing gorgeously off the hardwood floors, I find myself, again... very grateful (with just a hint of teary-eye).


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

You do have much to be grateful for. Love your new workspace. The large windows are great. Will check out your sale Kenna. Thanks.

Kathy said...

Wonderful post. I just talked about getting teary eyed when I think about how blessed I am and it's okay. It shows that we really know how to "feel" and be grateful!

Your studio looks awesome!!

Love the photo too!

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are beautiful! You have captured some of my favorite spots in a fresh, new way. I had to take you up on your offer!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Thank you ladies! :) And Catherine, I'm so thrilled that you did! I was just mentioning you last night on "What Makes me Laugh." :)
Kathy-- glad I'm in good company on this. :D
Bonnie--yes, yes, the large windows are Wonderful for nice, natural lighting (when I'm not being a night-owl anyway). heh heh

Lyn said...

Kenna, what a wonderful post of gratitude. I love that you find such joy in having the connection and time with your family -- as do I. I can picture you working in our own bright studio listening to your music being filled with creativity. Enjoy

Celtic Cat said...

Your new work space is awesome! Good luck with your sale!

Jo Bradford said...

Gorgeous photos as ever Kenna - and glad to know that you have so much to be thankful for :)

Just going to have a browse round you store :)

I am particularly proud of my 2010 calendar this year - have you seen it yet?

Janelle said...

Fabulous workspace! I love the yoga photo too. Gratitude does warm the heart, doesn't it? I can't keep up with Christmas giving, so I'm making myself a note to check out etsy for the next birthday that comes up. Thanks!

Haddock said...

A nice and well lit room.
I like houses where the sunlight comes in.