Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Changing my Name... and Photos from the "Elemental" Opening Reception at MAIYA Gallery

Wow! So I just blinked again and summer's almost over! As usual, it has gone by in a bit of a whirlwind... and, as usual, left me with lots more that I wanted to have done than I actually got to do. I think I add more exciting things and places to my "to do" and "to go" lists faster than I cross the existing ones off!!

Anyway, didn't want to let all of summer slip away without getting a BIG THANK YOU post out to all those who attended my featured artist exhibition this summer at MAIYA Gallery. I entitled the show "Elemental" and dedicated it to my **Wonderful** grandmother, a big influence in my life. She went to art school in Chicago and New York in her youth and has given much to the art world throughout her life. She still has "that spunk" that gives her so many great stories and got her through the tough times in her life... at 88 years old, she flew out to be here for the opening reception (and was she ever SURPRISED to find the exhibition dedicated to her)!!! :D

The title of this post mentioned something about a name change...
As an ongoing tribute to my grandmother, I also changed my artist moniker-- from this show forward, I will sign all of my works "Kenna Elizabeth." The name Elizabeth has been passed down for many, MANY generations in my family. As the next Elizabeth to be named after her, I am honored to carry her name and to try to continue my grandmother's wonderful legacy. So it is in honor of her, that my works will bear the name, "Kenna Elizabeth" from now on. :)

For those of you too far away to attend, I thought you might like to see some photos of the exhibition and the opening reception... to kind of get a feel of this special event. :)

Lots more photos of the Exhibiton and the opening reception can be seen on my Facebook Fanpage! If you're on Facebook, it definitely wouldn't hurt my feelings if you "Like" my fanpage while you're browsing photos from the show. :)

click here for more "Elemental" Exhibition photos

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As ever, thank you for reading... thank you for sharing...

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