Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Believe in making New Years Resolutions?

As the year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on '09... accomplishments, disappointments, goals hit, goals not hit, surprises good & bad, the things I said I would do but haven't, all the things I never would have imagined, the times I shined (shone??) brightly, and those others when I felt my little light was fizzling out...

And I find myself, I think naturally, trying to improve for next year... thinking of my "plan of attack" for 2010. As I sit here typing, the ever-present (and ever-growing?) LIST stares at me coyly... a list of "good ideas," things to do, places to submit my work to, commitments, projects, etc... It seems I come up with more to add to it than I ever complete and cross off. Not sure if that's good or bad really, but sometimes it certainly feels discouraging. Anyway, there is that ever-popular idea of The New Year's RESOLUTION!

I can think of as many resolutions as there are "to do's" on my list! Ha!
I could resolve to:
~~enforce a more regimented "work hours" schedule on myself so I'm not up working at 3am (though sometimes I still contend that THAT'S when I'm finally on a roll).
~~Excercise regularly again (good for body and mind... and mood too).
~~Be more efficient in my work/computer time so I can spend more time outside :D
Play More! This kinda goes along with that efficiency thing above.
~~Spend more quality time with my beloved man!
~~Take a trip out of the country (It's been too long since I experienced another land and another culture's way of viewing life and our world).
~~Take more life-enriching classes I've wanted to (dance, pottery, a couple photography skills classes I could improve on, start up Tai-Chi again, any of several language classes I need to brush up on!!, -- perhaps including English grammer! hahahah!! :)
~~Go mountain biking & hiking more!
~~Visit a million gorgeous "Oh, YOU HAVE to go photograph _____" spots! :)

... to name a few. But really? Resolutions? Are they really any more effective than the intentions I already have? If I could possibly do all that stuff I want to, wouldn't I be doing all of it already? I think I need some more me's & some more lives. :)

So, tell me... do you do "the New Years Resolution" thing? Does it work for you? How many do you make? And if you care to share, what is/are yours?

Whatever the case, this is me sending out warmest wishes for a full and happy 2010 for YOU!


Danangib said...

Happy New Year, Kenna !
I don't do New Year's resolutions , simply because in Romania (where I grew up) we don't have this tradition. So...I'm free, he, he, he....Sure, there are some things I have to do in the next year and I'll try my best, but who knows what will happen in fact ?
Lots of kisses xxxx

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hi Kenna, Hope your new year explodes with delight for you and yours.

I have never found that resolutions at new years produced any more than what I already intended, as you say. An interesting exercise for re-focusing perhaps, but not essential for a well-lived, productive life.

The lists are fun to read, however, and I hope some of your dreams/plans/desires become doable in 2010.

Janelle said...

You know, I used to be a big believer in resolutions, but last year I didn't make any and I had the best year ever. This year I have one - to run 10, 10k races or longer in 2010. I only picked that because it will be fun for me. My to-do list guru is Martha Beck (who has a ph.d. in sociology from Harvard and is a life coach). She has a great blog at: http://marthabeck.com/blog/. Happy New Year!

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

Kenna, I love your list. So many fun things to do. The only thing on my list is to enjoy life more. The possibilities are endless.

Have a very Happy New Year!!

Celtic Cat said...

Happy New Year, Kenna! Great list. I
could add many of them to my list!

It has been a good year here in Michigan, strange at times, but good.

I hope only good, happiness and fun comes your way, for you and your loved ones!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

You guys are THE BEST!! :)

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Your resolutions are great! I love the fireworks shots too. Well done. Happy New Year Kenna!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Ruth Sandra said...

New Year's Resolutions you ask? Sometimes -- but how about Resolutions to live a good life any time of the year.

This year, I am supporting a New Year's Resolution to do activites that can help SLOW Global Warming -- see my Blog Post today: http://rssdesignsinfiber.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-years-resolution-to-support.html

But people need to choose what works best for them --

so Have a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!!

jerimi said...

My resolution is to eat more and exercise less. It was the cat's idea.

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love it.

jerimi said...


My real resolution is to stop being so much of a frakking hermit. Thanks for hanging in there with me, gorgeous. You are my best friend, and always will be.

I need to get my priorities straight, and work needs to be third on the list. Maybe further down than that.

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Awww... Not to worry Jer-- you had a LOT going on.

Chin up kid-- This *IS* going to be a good year! :)

MizzTay said...

I love the last pic!