Saturday, February 28, 2009

What if we still sang and danced?

Singing and dancing are not learned behaviors. They are innately encoded into our very being. We knew song and dance long before fire and the wheel... They are a basic part of us, and a powerful one. Watch any average toddler or small child for a while... just singing and dancing, for no particular reason. Now watch any average adult in our modern society... rarely singing or dancing, unless at an event specifically for singing/dancing, and only those who aren't embarrassed. How dull.

We don't learn to sing and dance... we UNLEARN singing and dancing. And it's sad. Singing and dancing are a natural expression and outpouring of internal joy-- not over some big event, but just everyday joy. Discouraging the expression of it discourages the very feeling. Ever wonder why so many people are disillusioned with life, despite all they may have acquired or accomplished? Perhaps this is one part of the puzzle.

As we grow and are taught how to exist in society, we learn to be embarrassed about singing or dancing unless we happen to be "good" at said activity (or we're alone). You're only encouraged to do so if you've acquired the proper training, techniques, tonalities, rhythm, etc... Children (and, mind you, many societies) sing and dance freely and often, just because it feels good, without any thought of "what people may think." We have "evolved" to a place and time where singing and dancing in public are largely discouraged.

But what if they weren't?

*Imagine* what a joyful place this world would be if we never learned to stop happily singing and dancing... better yet, you don't have to imagine, you can click here and SEE (just a couple minutes of your life, & well spent-- something about it just feels good).

...and if you have a strong enough sense of self-actualization to overcome years of conditoning, don't just watch-- DANCE!! Or SING!! Or both and FEEL it for yourself... Remember how to dance and sing as a child... and then, do it. If you're a parent, encourage that happy little out-of-tune voice and those spastic dance moves!

And YES, you will likely face challenges & awkward moments like these, but those only stop you if you let them.

"With courage and persistence, your Imagination can become your Reality."


Mystic Silks said...

If you have the chance to sit it out or dance,then I hope you dance, dance, dance.
Even the mountains are dancing are dancing; the mountains--:)

You're my kind of person--:) Wonderful blog!

Klaire :p
Mystic Silks

Celtic Cat said...

Wonderful blog article! Yes, let's dance!

Eva's House said...

A really good article! I have loved the photo with the mix of african music you have! It makes me think about my neighbor who enjoyed this music when she was in Congo. (she' s italian but working for UNHCR!)

Rebecca Anne said...

I don't adore singing, I'm one of those out of pitch, out of tune sort of souls, however.....I LOVE music and I love dancing. One thing I've always done in my house is play far more music then we've ever had a television on. I don't think a day goes by that my girls and I don't dance in our hourse.
Great reminder for all, I knew there was a reason I loved dancing so much.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Love this blog article! Yes we all need to dance and sing more. If I'm alone and feel the dance urge I just ask my dogs. They love it and stand up with paws in my hands. Hehe.

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

I'm glad you dance with the girls-- they will remember that fondly one day. And if you don't want to sing, no worries, but don't let being out of tune be the reason. That's what I was trying to say with my blog... there are cultures that don't let that be any hinderance whatsoever. The singer doesn't care, and neither does anyone else seem to! And it's sooooo happy. Little kids sing whether they're in tune or not-- because it feels good inside. If you really don't like it, fine, but don't deny yourself the pleasure b/c someone told you you're "out of tune." :) I mean, there have been some musical legends that weren't the best singers-- why let it stop you?

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Ooop-- hey Julie! :) You posted while I was posting! hee hee. That was aimed at Rebecca, but more power to you for dancing too!!! :) I'll bet the dogs would sing w/ you too-- with no regard for pitch. heh heh.

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

oh kenna! what a great message! i could learn alot from you! :) and the matt dancer! :) he brought a smile to my face like you always do!
i guess now i don't need to be so embarrassed when i belt tool & tmv songs out at the top of my lungs! :)

Jennifer Aitchison said...

Great blog post!
We have enjoyed that Matt video for a while here. My little toddler boy claps his hands and gets so excited whenever I play it because he LOVES to dance. He says "123 DANCE" then i have to get up and dance with him and provide the music as well by singing. Spontaneous dance is an every day occurrence in our home and I am pretty sure that we did not teach him to do this, but I am glad :)

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Beautiful ...! :) I'm off to sing and dance (out loud)!!! Happy Thursday to you. PS: It's the little moments that matter :)

roentarre said...

There is so much harmony in this image. Good capture of 2 stories in one image

Celtic Cat said...

Hi Kenna,

Your blog rocks, and you have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award.
Check out my blog for details!


Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

I'm soooo happy to hear of the smiles and good feelings you've gotten from this post! Yay! Now hold on to them and bring them out (in dance and song) frequently!! :D