Monday, March 23, 2009

Change of Pace

Blue Turtle Seduction

While I am Beholden to Nature, apparently I am not beholden to Mondays! Does anyone actually come here on Mondays looking for "More Pics Monday" , or just come whenever you see a new post? Curious to know. :) At any rate, I'm wondering if I'll be able to keep up the theme or maybe have to abandon it for something less... regimented.

This week I thought I'd give you a change of pace from flowers and spring... how's Bands and Gigs sound? (Pretty loud, most often, but since I did the shooting you're spared that)! ;) However, you CAN catch any of their great tunes by clicking on their links below their photos! Four different sounds-- check 'em all out to add some new life to your electronic jukebox!


Kathy said...

Awesome! I'll be back when I have more time to listen. I loved the music that came on....who was that one??

Jennifer Aitchison said...

Nice band shots!

It shows on reader when you list, thats when I read :) I would say to just post when you are inspired too, but then again I often have a hard time being inspired then my blog pays the price. I hope you have a fantastic week!

Danangib said...

Hi Kenna. I'm coming on your blog every time you post something new, sometimes I came on Mondays knowing the reader list it's a little bit slower. I love your bands and gigs pictures, I've done it myself recentely (my partner plays in a blues band, the pictures are in my old posts or at and I must say...I preffer the flowers, ha, ha, ha....You should post whenever you want, Monday or not, always your pictures will be appreciated, they are very, very good.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Love the band shots! You did a great job with the lighting. I try to check for new posts daily, but don't really have a routine.

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Have I mentioned lately that I love you guys?? :) Well now I have.

Kathy~ I have the music player on my blog set to random/shuffle so I'm sorry, but I don't know what it was that came on for you. If you look in left column though, you can always see what's highlighted (playing) in that gray/black box. :)

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

great shots kenna! looks like a fun time!
who's the cutie pie banjo player? ;p
-m :D

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Nice change of pace :) -- I can feel the sound from way over here!

Rebecca Anne said...

Well I come whenever I see your blog highlighted (meaning new entry) on my feed reader. So, you can write or post just about anything and as soon as I'm out exploring blogs I'll be over to soak up whatever you've posted for my delights.
Did you see all these bands??

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Thank you's!
Michelle-- I wondered if you'd say something about him. hee hee ;)
Rebecca-- I did, indeed, and took all those pics. They were seen/taken over the course of two weekends. My boyfriend is a musician and plays for multiple bands, so sometimes I end up seeing quite a few shows in a pretty short time if he's got a lot scheduled and I'm able to go.