Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What NOT to Do??

So... here's my schedule for this week (which I'm supposed to have been posting more regularly for folks I've met at Art Fairs but haven't had much time for). Why? Well, back to the "here's my schedule this week" part...

Monday- Fill/Ship orders, restock, *try* (unsuccessfully) to finish building website, and generally play catch-up with all things home and internet.
Tuesday- up at 4am to go to South Lake Tahoe to sell my work for my "Tahoe Tuesdays." Gone all day. And repeat at...
Wednesday- Sell work at market in Cameron Park.
Thursday- Switch hats (work Whitewater raft guiding in Coloma).
Friday- head south for Stockton Art Walk.
Saturday- midtown Sacramento for "Second Saturday" showing.
Sunday- sell work in El Dorado hills for market/event there.

(Mind you, many of the places listed are approx. 1-2 hours drive).

Now, I don't mean to sound ungrateful or unappreciative-- I'm VERY grateful for the warm reception I'm finding out here and all the opportunities being presented. I think that actually is what makes this so tough. I'm finding myself unable to keep my energy up and I'm falling behind on activities/priorities/obligations/etc... I know some people do a fantastic job of keeping a schedule more chaotic than that and big kudos to them (and envy) but I am coming to realize that for me...

Something's Gotta GO!

This routine of getting to bed at midnight and up early, then driving all over (to events that sometimes are productive and other times leave somewhat to be desired) is taking too much toll on my health, sanity, time spent actually doing photography and with loved ones... ya know, the stuff that makes life rich.

It's a tough decision for me to make (I tend to want to take advantage of all opportunities offered to me) but, I have to face facts and facts is... I'm losing steam. So, as I have for the last couple of posts, I'm going to assure you that I HAVE NOT forgotten you and am working to make changes to allow me to catch up soon... just not sure what all those changes will be yet. But they will be, and they will be soon! :) Stay tuned next week...

And, as ever, warm wishes for a wonderful week filled with laughs, beauty, and all things joyous!


Celtic Cat said...

You wear me out just reading your schedule!

Glad to see your doing well!

Great photo out there on the edge!

Gary Heller said...

I know what you mean. We get so busy at times that the important things to us sometime take to the back burner. I also feel the concern about what a hectic shedule and little sleep does with my own health.
Being busy is good, but keep time for yourself and rest.
Wishing you the best in your endeavors coming up. . .

Allie said...

Again, Kenna - very well-written and thought-provoking. You have given me a lot to remember and to think about. Beautiful photograph!

Congratulations on all your opportunities!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Very nice post!

Btw I love that photo :)