Saturday, September 12, 2009

How did I get ready for Second Saturday today?

Well, yes, I know I *should* have been doing a whole number of things to make sure I'm absolutely ready for my Second Saturday display this evening at "Park Your Art" (5-9pm @ 2031 K St., Sacramento-- by McMartin, for those who are local and might want to come say hi!).

Buuuuuut... see, there was this pair of dragon flies hanging out in my little garden this morning when I went to water and... well... you know how people always ask, "Do you have any pictures of dragon flies?" I do, but only a couple and they wouldn't hold still for long so they're not as good as I would like them to be. However, this whole morning/early afternoon was cloudy/sprinkly (further leading me to feel less like getting ready for 2nd Saturday), AND encouraging the Dragon Flies to be still, perfect models for a long, Long time! I couldn't resist it! Didn't have time to really go through and edit/crop/pick faves/etc... these are just a few shots.

So... here's how I spent my day preparing for Second Saturday! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
(Oh yeah, photos from the CA State Parks shoots to follow in a blog post very soon--promise!)

Can you see the Dragon Fly, nestled in at the edge of the chives and the former Cilantro/now Coriander going to seed?

Now, off to shower, eat, & pack the car in... less than an hour! Yikes!


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Love, love that last shot - incredible.

Glad to see you are back - it's been a while!

Quwwa said...

Long time no hear from Kenna, know ya busy, just good to hear you again. Always love you pics.

Lyn said...

I was looking forward to your next post -- and you did not disappoint. Love the extreme close up of the dragon fly. Welcome back - and I hope your show went well.

Sylvia said...

The dragonflies are indeed fascinating creatures. My husband spends hours trying to get a good close-up too. You have a beautiful picture.

Danangib said...

Welcome back Kenna. Love your pictures !

Celtic Cat said...

Awesome captures! And I understand that the Dragonflies were much more important than work!

Chuck Dilmore said...

awesome finds and photographs!


myan photography/zuppaartista said...

these are fabulous kenna!
those guys are fast little buggers!! you captured them perfectly! :)