Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the winners of the RideTheWave Giveaway ARE...

to be announced tomorrow!

(POST EDIT: Do read this fun little story, but winners have now been chosen and are listed at the bottom of this post)! :)

Here's why. Betty and her family are in bed, (& Jhon was coerced into picking the winner last time). And I can't very well do this alone... there would be no one to verify that I didn't cheat! Besides, that's no fun.

So... what about Betty?? Betty is my *wonderful* neighbor who knows everyone, and always seems to be there for... whatever (like when you move in during fall & don't have a leaf rake yet, or when you're expecting a photo delivery from UPS but will be away working on the river... you know... neighbor stuff). She's always happy to help, and has some good advice too. Betty is going to help us find out who won the photos (unbeknownst to Betty at present time).

It'll go a little something like this... I'll take all the "Saturday people" and assign them a number starting with the first comment=1, and so forth. I'll compile a list, knock on Betty's door, and simply say, "Hi Betty! Pick a number between 1 and ______." She'll either smile & pick a number, or she'll stare at me _______ly. In the latter case, I'll explain the Giveaway and the whole story and then ask again. She would save herself time to just spout a random number with no concern as to why, but... she'll enjoy the story behind my latest antics. Always does.

At this point, I will flip over to the "Sunday people" page on back. All the Sunday people will have been assigned a letter... but we'll have to start after "B" (obvious possible problem).

"Ok Betty, pick a letter between C and ____."

TaaaDaaa! Winners determined, neighborhood & general life updates accomplished (they're in there somewhere, rest assured), and I'll come post the results.

But, as you can see, this must be done tomorrow. The fate of all this is in the hands of Betty, and I would hate to wake her-- she might not be so friendly about picking your entry then. Besides, that would just be... very unneighborly. And I like Betty.

And now... random and completely unrelated "Cute puppy pictures!" Who doesn't love puppy pics? This adorable little sweetheart belongs to one of the guides I worked with on the river last summer... and I was happy to be a sit-in Mom for "Munchie" at any time. The only thing as cute as her face, was watching her bound and bumble about, learning about our big world!

Now... good night and Good Luck! And THANK YOU for taking part in my giveaway and for all your wonderful comments! This was definitely a great addition to the weekend and a catalyst for wonderful things! I appreciate you.

Betty wasn't HOME this morning so I had to wait! Can you believe it? She's always home. Well, when I went over again, I DID get that update I said I would! A BIG one! She had to go to court to testify b/c a few days ago she was walking about town and happened to see a whole big episode of some guy resisting arrest and getting tazed! Betty sees everything. Anyway, I took the list, she was more than happy to participate (got a good laugh out of it). I had the list so she couldn't see names, and had my system (even had in mind to pick alternates in case those w/no profile info won and didn't come claim their pics). As it turned out, that was unnecessary-- she debated her numbers for just a second, had no hesitation with choice of letter, and... voilá! I circled the winners and took a couple quick pics on the step!

And the winners ARE...

Saturday: Marg Hamilton

Sunday: Kathy M.

Congratulations ladies!! Marg, you've won "After the Rain" and Kathy, you have won... well, you tell me what you've won. Go choose any 8x12 or smaller, and let me know! And please email me (link under my profile) or Etsy convo me with the addresses you would like your photographs mailed to.

Again, thank you ALL so much for participating! I really do wish I could give photos to all of you, just for being so wonderful!! I will do this again.


Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

So I've made my list and √'d it twice! And you've all been very nice! Thank you again. I wish I could just give you each a photo!

I will let you know asap tomorrow who WON! Looking down the list, I can't help but wonder about the journey my photos will soon take, and who's lovely homes they will go to! I think I must be as anxious and excited as you are!

imhkki said...

nice photos and nice music in your blog.

Gary Heller said...

Oh No! I can't believe i missed this opportunity this weekend.
This is a great give away. Well, glad to have read this post anyway because of the coo story, introduction to Betty and the great puppy pics down below :)
I'll be checkin in to see who won.

Jaimee said...

Aaah, I'm too late!
Thanks for the heads up though.
I'll be back to visit for sure :)

Char said...

adorable puppy pictures for sure. thanks so much for visiting my blog. :) i love the support network shared by fellow artists and photographers. it's such a beautiful thing. i can't wait to explore your blog more.

Rofes Deportes said...


I saw your web-blog. I think it is excellent. Iam from Cuba, but I live in USA. I would like to changes links. I have 2 blogs...

I hope you respond soon...


Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Love the poochie pics!!! So sweet!

Allie said...

Congratulations to the winners! Great post, Kenna - love your descriptions! I will be back for the next giveaway! :) allie

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Where are my *WINNERS* to come claim their prizes? Contact info. is not listed for Marg so if anyone knows her, plz tell her she won! :) Otherwise, I'll eventually have to pick another winner (I'm sure you'd be bummed by that, eh?). heh heh