Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Showing at the Stockton Art Walk- Friday

Hello my dear friends! I keep telling myself, "Today, after I finish _____work, I will catch up with blog-friends!" Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I face facts that I still have ___, ____, & _____ that were on my to-do list for today, but I'm getting veerrrry sleeeepy.

I need more... ME's! I need to be able to delegate this 5 hour project to KennaA, that 5 DAY project to KennaB, and these 5 assorted tasks to KennaC... and then it would all get done! In the real world, I realize that I'm exhausted, pushing back some of the "less-time-sensitive-but-should-have-been-done-by-now" projects to tomorrow or next week, and go to bed. grrr. So, since it seems that I can't visit blogs and comment individually just yet, I'll passify myself with at least sharing updates here. Hope they are "worthy." :)

The good news is... it's good news that's keeping me so busy-- invitations to some events, acceptance notices to others I've applied for, lots of getting ready for this show or that show, and, oh, yeah, working. Things are going! Going well, going fast, GOING! I think I might blink and realize summer's gone though-- that would be a shame.

The news for THIS weekend is that I have been invited to participate in the Downtown Stockton Alliance Art Walk. It will be taking place on Friday, May 8 from 5-8pm at various businesses/venues in Downtown Stockton. My work will be on display at Hotel Stockton.

Then, it's take down and head back to Sacramento, sleep a little, and leave the house by 6am Saturday morning to head up to the Placerville Certified Farmers Market. Sunday, I'll find myself in Davis at the annual Whole Earth Festival (scouting for next year, found out about it after the application deadline this year).

Until then, to fill my "spare time," I'm taking a Bookkeeping/Quickbooks class and attempting to "beat the template" of my web building program into a functional photography website. haha. Hope to be able to "introduce" it soon.

So, can't leave you without a photo-- I think you'd throw tomatoes or something. This is from a scouting mission I did a few days ago for a photo-shoot/collaboration project involving dancers and yogi in nature. Wrapping up the discussion by the edge of a lake, we found ourselves captivated by a single, peaceful duck. Not pushily-begging for bread like city park ducks, just... hanging out. At some points, I was crouched by water's edge and it would quietly swim up to within a couple feet of me and just... be. Perhaps 30 minutes long, this was one of those peaceful, yet thrilling experiences when time just fades into tranquility, and segmented things like minutes stop their disruptive "march" and everything just... flows.

What wonderful company to share the end of a day with. A very willing model, this beauty seemed to know when the photo shoot was over. About 30 seconds after I took the last photo, it silently flew off, literally into the sunset. It was one of those moments in nature when everything just feels... beautiful and right with the world. Hope this adds some of that feeling to your day today.

Sending smiles and warm wishes,


RSW said...

Thanks for visiting, following even. I find your site quite inspirational. Looking forward to seeing the photo web site. Thanks again

Rebecca Anne said...

LOL I want some too! Ok, not some KennaA B or C, but a RebeccaA, RebeccaB and C to help me keep caught up with all that I'm dying to accomplish everyday~

Always excited to see what you're up to next KennaA, you're a busy gal, but it sure seems like the things you are doing are certainly worth while~

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

so glad things are going so great for you kenna! all your hard work & talent will pay off for sure! :)
beautiful duckie too! :D

Kathy said...

Beautiful photo! Man you sound busy! Hang in there. Enjoyed the music too!

Allie said...

Wow, Kenna - I am so happy for all of your shows and work! That is awesome and well-deserved! Congratulations! If you find the "more me's" store, let me know! I could use a few more allie's! :) Take care! :) allie

catherinesherman said...

You have so many beautiful photos and interesting links and widgets on your blog! I love the mallard duck photo. I wonder where his lady friend is? You often see them in pairs. We have a mallard pair on a nearby pond, but the last time I saw the male, he was alone. I hope the female was sitting on some eggs somewhere.

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Thank you all, sooo very much! Yes, it's all very good... and VERY busy!
Allie- Still searching for the "more me's store"... ;)
Catherine-- I hope both of their lady ducks were happily nestled in with some eggs somewhere! It is spring, so that's not so unlikely! Pretty soon we'll see little fuzzballs following the big ducks around! :)