Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great Rainy day at IndieSacramento fair!

So, I tried to stay optimistic as I left the house yesterday booth-ready and bound for the bi-annual IndieSacramento fair. I couldn't help wondering as I reflected on yesterday's weather... would it rain again all day today? Should I have been on the river instead? With all the rain, flows were running a swollen 5000 cfs... taking the adventure level on the South Fork up a big notch we haven't seen in years (in non-river lingo, 5000 cfs= whole river changes, waves bigger, holes bigger, hits bigger-- everything's faster and a lot more exciting)!

Rainy day at an arts & crafts fair, on the other hand, does NOT indicate a better-than-normal day. But... who could have known back when booking? So, might as well try to stay optimistic. Well... it worked. While I did (unfortunately) miss the chance to do an extra-exciting river trip, my day went well! I had the most *lovely* booth neighbors you could ask for (wonderful fellow Etsy folks, both kind and talented on either side), there were many good sports out braving the rain to visit us all, and I did surprisingly well for a rainy day. So... came away feeling very grateful.

I did, however, notice a different trend in requests. Typically, I get requests of "I LOVE this, but... can I get it printed BIG?" Yesterday, comments went more like, "Oooh, my Mom would love this, but things are kinda tight right now... do you have that in a small one?" I can relate to times of wanting to get something really nice for Dear Ones, but finding yourself needing to save for other things... like basic bills and food. So... to help those that are finding themselves in a pinch this Mother's Day, I'm holding a Mom's Day Combo Sale in my Etsy shop! All the details are there, but basically it means a nice Mother's Day gift of any 8x10 or 8x12 photo PLUS a fine art photo greeting card to complete the package for $20.

I hope this bargain helps some folks get the photo "Mom will LOVE" for years... without having to settle for a smaller version. Because... where would we all be without the wonderful loving Mothers of the world? I get sentimental thinking of the HUGE difference my Mom and Nonnie have made in my life, not to mention all the other Moms who have "taken me under their wing" and positively influenced my world.

Thank you MOMS!!! Hope your Mother's Day is filled with LOVE and fond memories!


Rebecca Anne said...

Hey! When did you get back? Does this mean you're done with your blogging break? I hope so, missed your photos! I love the sort of, in the park, walk around and look at things fairs. I've found my best art pieces in places like that. I hope your sale goes well and now you've got me thinking of Mothers day! Thats soon isn't it~
Good to see you again,

Celtic Cat said...

Hi, glad that it wasn't a rain-out! Things are pretty bad here in Michigan, not looking forward to the summer shows.


Ah, good girl...braving it out in the name of Mother Love.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I almost missed this! Glad to hear you were not rained out. What a fantastic offer for Mother's Day too. Hope it brings many sales! Also, you have been given the Friend's Award. Visit my blog for details. :)

Jo Bradford said...

Hey there! Gald to see you are back and nice to get a glimpse of you on your stall looking all smiley! If you want to add that widget you asked about (the one that links to past work on your blog), it'd easy enough to do. Just go to my blog, and click on the word (linkwithin) underneath one of the widgets in question. It will transport you to the place where you can add it to your own blog... simple!! Hope this helps? xoxo

angelshair said...

It is nice of you to make this offer for mothers day!!! I didn't know you were on etsy, I will add your shop to my favorites for the next time I need a present for myself or someone else!!