Monday, February 22, 2010

So you'd like an update, hmmm?

I've not had a whole lot to say or report lately. No new news... just been pluggin' away at some of the "less exciting" behind-the-scenes work and such.

So... I let the "updates" go for a while here on my little blog. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to find that, after steady growth previously, I finally logged in to notice... I've lost some followers. Yes, I know... as I said, I guess it shouldn't really surprise me at all... and I guess it really didn't.

I do, however, find it both unfortunate and ironic. Unfortunate that, with so much out there to read/watch/do, people would still "drop" my blog if it doesn't add frequently enough to that list of things to read. But... that IS kinda how "blog world" is set, so... ok.

But the ironic part...
Great writers, scientists, artists, philosophers, etc... of the past were KNOWN for often locking themselves away in solitude to focus on their work or craft. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say I'm on par with history's greats... I'm just saying that there is obviously a reason and a necessity for that solitude and focus sometimes in all these "types" of endeavors.

So it's ironic that, by isolating & "unplugging" (spending some time "recharging" and preparing work for the next big announcment/news/event/project), I should lose followers of that very work. That's what I find ironic.

But, I guess there are always those who "get it" and "get you" and those who just... don't. Don't understand or perhaps don't care to.

To all those of you who understand me, or at least bear with me (heh heh) as I go through "bursts then breaks" while I learn "what works, what doesn't, and what to try next" with my photography efforts. I want to very sincerely say...
Thank You! It means A Lot to me. Thank You for your support... and for sticking around to watch as I learn "Life, Kenna, and this photography business thing." ;)


Danangib said...

Don't worry Kenna, live your life, it's more important; I'm sure you're very busy and this is always a good news.
We will be here anyway xx

shailesh786 said...

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