Monday, February 1, 2010

Today I...

...truly reveled in and worshipped a beautiful "springy" day filled with SUNSHINE!!!!!

I think I have been "not-exactly-silent" about the gray state of affairs that's been the daily weather here for weeks upon weeks. ;P I also know, well... as much as the weather man knows (and we all know how accurate that can be!) that we have at least another 10 days of gray and rain approaching. And, don't get me wrong... we very much NEED the water here (not to mention, it will make for a very exciting spring season of whitewater rafting)!!! }:D

For a while now, I have been enduring the gray while in the process of doing my business taxes, planning for one upcoming gallery show, and screening my work to submit for another gallery show on the coast. Deadlines. What an AWFUL word... dead- lines.

But today... despite a well-instilled sense of responsibility and commitement... today I took a "break" haha to spend some time under a soft, azure sky. That wonderous golden orb called "sun" is finally starting to make a bit longer path across the sky, and I *REVEL* in it after winter's hibernation.

So today, as I was called by those taxes, internet self-created "obligations," and various deadlines, I felt also... calling more loudly-- NO-- in fact, *PULLING my very soul* was sunshine, outdoor air, and an eye-stimulating blue sky!

Really... it wasn't much of a debate. If it were a sports event, it would have been referred to as a "blow out" ...yard work (aka "playing in the dirt): 32 ...indoor work: 4.

So... in explanation of the title of this post, Today I...

~churned shovel after shovel of dirt that's been packed down for who knows how long!
~planted 42 shade-loving bulbs & tubers in a large, barren (shady) spot of our yard!!
~planted an additonal 5 potted ferns in same said space.
~prepared the adjacent partially-shady ground for my *summer herb garden!*
~stained & lacquered 2 lovely little bird dwellings, which I shall call the "Bird Yurt" & the "Shade Chalet" (as their cute little construction layouts seem to suggest).

...while tonight I still have yet to finish:
~submitting entries for the Coastal Arts League Kellicut International Photo Show, "Through A Lens: Energy, Strength, or Power."
~spending a while longer planning & ordering for my Solo Show in June at MAIYA Gallery (yes, June is a ways off, but one of my two photo labs is holding a 1/2 off sale that ends tomorrow on photos 16x20 & larger so... a couple hours of lost sleep could save me a fair bit of $$ if I can nail down a few more of the large-format works I'll be showing). :)

AND... I *Definitely* have to rise early tomorrow morning to finish filing business taxes before I leave for the day.

All in all, I'M SPENT!!!

But that really good, gratifying kind of spent... the kind of "spent" that follows a day of physical work & exertion in the soul-rejuvinating world of the outdoors.

And THAT makes me happy. :)


Meekiyu said...

I'm with you on bring in the sun and leave the gray behind! Wow you've been oh so busy! I can't wait to see how the flowers bloom =D

Celtic Cat said...

Too cold here to plant! I did mine in the autumn. Spring, please hurry up!

Phil please don't see your shadow!

Or is it the other way round?!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Kenna, I'm so impressed with all you did! That will be so wonderful to watch everything grow, and to enjoy watching the birds in their new homes. The sunshine is so uplifting!

Chrisy said...

Darling I got exhausted just reading about your day! But it was obviously exhilirating...I hope you get to have more of these soon!And thank you for the coffee cup beautiful and uplifting...

Anonymous said...

You have inspired to me to get some indoor work done, even though it's too cold here in Kansas City to work much outside. As always, your photos are gorgeous and balm to the eyes and the soul. said...

wow are you a busy girl!! said...

Good shot !!Great blog!! Congratulations!!


Kirigalpoththa said...

fantastic images!